Muddy play

Last week at Woodland Beasties it was all about mud!

There’s something totally irresistible about a muddy puddle.  They call to the little ones and the not so little ones, begging them to jump and splash and enjoy their muddy loveliness.  So this week, instead of waiting to find the perfect muddy puddle, we decided to make our own.


We used our big white tarp as a canvas for an amazing mud art piece and some of us even got our bare toes out to feel the lovely squelch of mud between the toes!


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Save the Children Den Day

Our week started this week on Sunday with two birthday parties! Although we had heavy rain lashing down on us, it did not stop the birthday party fun! Plenty of tarps and shelter were up and our fire was lighting for campfire hot dogs and pizza’s.


At our playgroups and forest school nursery sessions, we were very proud of all the really cool dens made this week for Save the Children Den Day. There were dens made for tea parties and dinosaurs! #denday


Tomorrow, we’ve teamed up with NCT for a very special Father’s Day event. So certainly more dens will be made along with some bug hunting! Our fire will be lighting again for marshmallow toasting.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you do!

Woodland Val

Transportation week

What a week at Woodland Beasties!

We’ve been enjoying the glorious sunshine this last week and exploring transportation at our playgroup.  We’ve made trains, planes and boats and made some airplane food in our mud kitchen for a very long flight to America and Spain.



Even with the rain this afternoon, we managed to stay pretty dry while packing up, because the canopy is in full leaf and made an amazing shelter.

We’ve also been making plans for the summer holidays and are going to be running some Woodland Experience Days in the woods where parents can come along with their child to learn some key forest school skills together.  We’re incredibly excited about these as we’ll be getting out the bow saws, sheath knives and bow hooks, not to mention the fire steels to get some fires going to coo some camp fire cooking.

Done for this week, we’ll start back to work on Sunday with two birthday parties, which are going to be loads of fun! Until then, I’m going to put my feet up and relax.


Woodland Sarah

Welcome to Woodland Beasties

Woodland Beasties has been running since September 2015 and it all started with one playgroup a week on Friday mornings.  Since then, so much has happened, we’ve been running sessions for schools and nurseries, birthday parties, extra playgroup sessions, plus lots of other events and more in the works!

Getting people outside and enjoying nature is our main goal, whatever the age and whatever the weather!  We definitely believe that we have the best jobs in the world!

The summer, we have a number of great  events and activities coming up that we’re very excited about, such as:

Lichfield Fuse Festival

Burntwood Wakes Festival

The Alrewas Show

Summer clubs

Come on down and join us for some woodland fun!

Salt dough impressions

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.” – Maria Montessori

No we’re not turning all poetic but thought it was an apt start to our Woodland Beasties weekly blog. It’s been all go these last few weeks as we settle into our new site. We are still at The Heart of the Country, Swinfen just a more exclusive part of the woods with our own secret entrance and at the moment, we’re surrounded by the stunning beauty of the bluebells, which adds to the magic of woodland play!

This week we have been busy making salt dough impressions. These are simple and great fun to make with your little beasties. All you need is a bowl to mix ingredients:

1 cup of plain flour

1/2 cup of water

1/2 of salt

Mix them together using your hands. This is a great sensory activity to do with the little ones, you can really get a feel for the dough. If it’s too sticky add more flour. Take a piece (as small or as big as you wish) and roll into a ball, then flatten out in between your hands, or you can use a rolling pin.

Now find anything you like to make an impression on it, such as a leaf, a flower, tree bark, then press it onto the salt dough and peel it back gently to reveal the pattern. When you’re finished, let it dry either in the oven on a low heat for about 3 hours or air dry for about 5 days. Now you can decorate it however you like. Finally take a photo and tag us!

Thanks a million for stopping by and we’ll see you next week!


salt dough