A whole month of Christmas!!

We have had so much fun this month with making everything and anything Christmassy and glittery and enjoying the build up to all the festivities!

From Christmas door wreaths, making Christmas trees, making decorations for our Christmas trees and then Santa visiting us!! The excitement was unreal!

santa-at-hotc santa-at-denstone christmas-wreath christmas-tree button-decor

Sarah made all of us very proud when one very cold Friday evening she and her Roller Derby friends did a sleep out with St. Basils to raise money and awareness for this great homeless charity.


As we near the end of 2016, it has been one amazing year at Woodland Beasties. All of you has made it one amazing year. Sarah and I would like to thank you all for your unbelievable support, laughs and keeping us entertained with all your little ones! We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings us and look forward to your continued support!

Remember, we’ll be back up and running on the 7th of February for another year of fun and learning in the woods.

We’re using January to do some site maintenance, planning and prep for the rest of the year.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Val and Sarah xx

Autumn bulb planting and Christmas Tree decorations

Well it’s that time of the year to start thinking about planting bulbs now for the Springtime. We had some lovely sessions planting Daffodils, Tulips and Crocuses with our homemade paper plant pots. So great to see all the little beasties getting their hands dirty and gently placing the bulbs in the paper pots.

bulb-planting  arty-hand

As we are coming close to the festive season, we made some pretty cool Christmas Tree decorations from wool and lots of different shaped buttons. They are going to going beautiful on our trees!


Hot off the press…we were in the paper! The Uttoxeter Advertiser. We are very excited that we have had a piece written about Woodland Beasties, letting the readers know of all our brilliant forest school sessions that we run weekly.


Keep warm and thanks for stopping by,

Woodland Val

Hallowe’en, Fireworks and World Nursery Rhyme Week

We have had a great few weeks here at Woodland Beasties with our Hallowe’en event, bonfire night and world nursery rhyme week!

The weather has also been very kind to us and has been so mild up to now, giving us and the little beasties time to get outside and play in the beautiful coloured leaves. Thank you to everyone who came along to our first Hallowe’en event it was great fun and we’ll certainly be holding one every year now!


We have been singing lots of lovely nursery rhymes this week to mark world nursery week. We made a boat with a sail, hopped in and sailed off into the sunset whilst singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat! We made cute little spiders and sang Little Miss Muffet and then had a small rest and lid down for Sleepy Bunnies.

Next week we are getting ready for Spring and planting bulbs now, ready to watch them grow. Be sure to come on down and join us on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday!


Thanks for stopping by,

Woodland Val

Winter in the woods

Winter is almost here and there’s certainly a chill in the air but hey! it doesn’t matter because we have such a cozy session each week with our fire. These last few weeks we have loved toasting crumpets, tea cakes, hot cross buns and marshmallows! #spoiledforchoice

We have had some pretty cool birthday parties, Twilight evening for grown ups and our Hallow’een extravaganza!


Looking forward to seeing you and your little ones at our Heart of the Country Forest School groups on Tuesday and Friday mornings and at Denstone Prep College School on Thursday mornings.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!


Spiders webs, making paper and Twilight Grown Ups evening

Our little beasties have so far settled in well in the big school, learning lots and making new friends, we hope yours have too.

We have been welcoming lots of new faces at our Forest School groups at The Heart of the Country site and also we are delighted to say we now have another Forest School group at Denstone College Preparatory School every Thursday morning during term time!

Our launch was a misty and magical morning with some amazing spider webs to look at! All our little beasties had great fun making their own webs with our ropes.


We then looked for bugs and recycled paper to make our own paper. The children loved ripping up paper into little pieces, adding some water and squashing it all together with their hands and making new shapes, letters or animals- a great sensory activity.



We finished our week with a Twilight Beasties Grown Ups evening! Such a lovely relaxed evening to have mums and dads on site and see them enjoy some time in the hammock or swings. We will be doing another evening soon so watch out for it.

We hope to see you at one of our Forest School groups over the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by,

Woodland Val




Picture frames, walking the tightrope and popping corn in the rain

Last week before all our beasties go back to school or start at school, exciting times for our little ones.

We’ve had a great summer meeting some new and old faces in the woods this year. We rounded off the summer with making some picture frames from natural resources, doing some balancing on our tightrope and on an extremely rainy Friday we made a fire and had some campfire popcorn to cheer us up!

popcorn tarp tightrope picture frame tree

Thank you for a great summer and looking forward to the beautiful colours that Autumn brings us!

Woodland Val

Wigwams, mobiles and den building

We are loving this warm weather at Woodland Beasties over the last few weeks, it has been so lovely to watch the little ones show the older children where everything is in the woods.

We had a lovely morning session meeting all the childminders from Chasewater & District Childminding Group, great to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they explore the woods. Thank you Andy & Irrah from Little Friends for contacting us to organise this meet up.

Chasewater & District Childminding group

The rest of our week we made some beautiful mobiles, cool shelters and amazing wigwams. Thank you to Ellen from Wacky Willows Creations, www.wackywillowcreations.co.uk who came down on site to make wigwams and willow crowns.

willow crownEllen wigwam


We still have a few spaces left on our adult and child Woodland Experience Days.

This will be a day of learning to light your own fire, boil water using our Kelly Kettle for your hot chocolate and cook campfire food. You will also use tools to cut wood and make your own wooden tool of your choice. It is a lovely relaxed day to share with your child, grandchild, niece and nephew. We provide everything, so all you have to do is book!
Only £20 per person per day. August 17th or August 18th.

To book and more information email us on info@woodlandbeasties.com or check our website www.woodlandbeasties.com

Thanks for stopping by,

Woodland Val

Start of summer holidays

It’s been a very warm and busy this week at Woodland Beasties. The last few weekends we’ve had a stall at The Alrewas Show and Burntwood Wakes. We demonstrated safe use of a bow saw to cut discs of wood, which then we invited people to use the bow saw with one of us and make tambourines and dream catchers!


Have a look at this video of Sarah demonstrating safe use of a bow saw. https://www.facebook.com/woodlandbeasties/videos/529250790605595/

If you would like to learn a new skill like this and other forest school skills, drop an email to us to info@woodlandbeasties.com.

As it was so warm this week for our playgroup sessions we had lots of water play and bubbles to keep us nice and cool.

waterplay bubbles


Sarah and I would like to say thank you so much to all our pre school beasties that have come along this last year, we’ve had great fun with all of you. We wish you all the best in your big school, please send us photos of you at your new school.

Just a reminder that we are open all throughout the summer holidays every Tuesday and Friday mornings. Looking forward to seeing you!

Enjoy the sunshine, Woodland Val


Lava lamps and bubbles

Another fantastic week at Woodland Beasties!

We started out on Saturday by doing a workshop at the Lichfield Fuse Festival making instruments out of recycled materials.   We made guitars, shakers and tambourines.

Then at playgroup, we did lava lamps and bubbles.  Lava lamps are loads of fun and easy to make.  All you need is an empty bottle, water, vegetable, food colouring, some effervescent tablets such as Alka-seltzer and a torch. Glitter can also be added as an extra option!

Pour your water and food colouring into your bottle and fill the bottle about a quarter of the way full.  This is when you would add your glitter if you’re using some!  Use as much or as little as you like.

Then pour in your oil, very carefully until the bottle is almost filled to the top.

Break up the Alka-seltzer tablet and drop the pieces in little by little and watch the bubbles form and replace the lid.

Shine your torch through the bottle to add an extra cool glow to your lava lamp!


Tomorrow, we’re at the Alreawas Show doing some tool demonstrations and activities!  Come on down and join us there!

Woodland Sarah

Experiments with water

We had great fun this week experimenting with water, we figured out that pears sink and apples float! We made steam and then made condensation but a lot of the time we just played with pouring one cup of water into another cup, good fun!

Apple and pear

We also want to thank all the girls at Rainbows in Fradley, for an amazing Forest School session! Each girl learned to whittle their own marshmallow stick and learned different ways to build a fire. If you would like to learn how to do this too, we are running Woodland Experience Days in the summer holidays have a look at our website for more information. http://www.woodlandbeasties.com/services/summer-forest-school-experience-days/

Rainbows fradley

Once last note before I go, Woodland Beasties will be at Fuse Festival in Lichfield next Saturday July 9th. Its a fantastic music festival, suitable all the family and it’s free!! Come along and say hi to us. Have a good week.

Fuse festival