We’re back!

Well, we had a little break in January and did some maintenance on site ready to reopen again in February! Sarah and I spent a few mornings coppicing Hazel trees from a very kind local farmer in Kings Bromley. These are to be added to our current Hazel structure on http://www.woodlandbeasties.com/site.

We had all hands on deck including our little ones helping us out with creating our sensory garden where people have kindly donated old wash hand basins, sinks and tiles to add to our sensory garden. Currently we have Rosemary, Sage and Oregano growing there along with some daffodils and bluebells trying to break through.


It was a strange few weeks of Pancake Tuesday, then Valentines Day, then Chines New Year all in one week! But we made some time to mix up a pancake mixture on site and cooked them on our campfire. Delicious!

Along with our sensory garden we now have a music area with a bamboo xylophone and drum kit especially designed with a Beasties stamp. We are loving hearing all the nurses rhymes and songs that are being sung.

A few more additions like our take a photo frame. Let me hear you roar!!

And how about that snow at the end of February huh?! Sarah was in her element like being back at home for her! Of course we went down on site to check if all was ok and had a little play in the snow. It was magical there.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

Tha Woodland Beasties Team