We’re back!

Hello to you all!

Spring is certainly here and we finally we have had some sun and beautiful colours from Crocuses and Daffodils popping up everywhere.
January has been a busy month for Sarah and I planning lots of cool stuff for the year and we have been adding some new stepping stones logs for you to jump on!

We have been in touch with a local farmer and helped them coppice some Hazel trees and learned a new skill of weaving the Hazel rods to build a hazel structure.


We took part in the Lichfield Pancake race 2017 outside the Guidlhall, it was a tough race and sadly not the winners this time…but we came second. Always next year to try again.

These last few weeks we have been concentrating on forest school skills and showing the little ones how to whittle a willow stick using a sheath knife and peeling a carrot with a peeler. Great to get their focus on the motion of this skill.



Looking forward to seeing you all in the woods shortly,

Thanks for dropping by,

Woodland Val & Sarah