Spiders webs, making paper and Twilight Grown Ups evening

Our little beasties have so far settled in well in the big school, learning lots and making new friends, we hope yours have too.

We have been welcoming lots of new faces at our Forest School groups at The Heart of the Country site and also we are delighted to say we now have another Forest School group at Denstone College Preparatory School every Thursday morning during term time!

Our launch was a misty and magical morning with some amazing spider webs to look at! All our little beasties had great fun making their own webs with our ropes.


We then looked for bugs and recycled paper to make our own paper. The children loved ripping up paper into little pieces, adding some water and squashing it all together with their hands and making new shapes, letters or animals- a great sensory activity.



We finished our week with a Twilight Beasties Grown Ups evening! Such a lovely relaxed evening to have mums and dads on site and see them enjoy some time in the hammock or swings. We will be doing another evening soon so watch out for it.

We hope to see you at one of our Forest School groups over the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by,

Woodland Val




Picture frames, walking the tightrope and popping corn in the rain

Last week before all our beasties go back to school or start at school, exciting times for our little ones.

We’ve had a great summer meeting some new and old faces in the woods this year. We rounded off the summer with making some picture frames from natural resources, doing some balancing on our tightrope and on an extremely rainy Friday we made a fire and had some campfire popcorn to cheer us up!

popcorn tarp tightrope picture frame tree

Thank you for a great summer and looking forward to the beautiful colours that Autumn brings us!

Woodland Val